Isolated Digital Input Module IP440A

The IP440A has 32 port isolated input channels used for monitoring ±60 AC/DC Voltage Input with three ranges. The isolation protects computer systems from noise, transient signals and field wiring faults. The inputs are grouped into four 8-channel ports and are isolated from the logic and each other.

This product is used for a range of applications. Typical use is monitoring digital input voltage levels in critical control systems and other embedded computing systems.

The Acromag IP440A is an Isolated Digital Input Module. It contains interrupt support for each channel. The change of state interrupt’s uses paired channels. Debounce eliminates interrupts from noise and switching transients for error free edge detection. Closed Loop monitoring of critical control signals is achieved using the IP440A with Acromag’s IP445 digital output module.

The pins in the IP440A are compatible with the IP445 Output module to enable loopback monitoring. Loopback monitoring provides self test and fault diagnostics to detect open switches or shorts.  Modify changes in the software configuration.

Features of the Isolated Digital Input Module IP440A include:

  • 32 port-isolated input channels
  • Three input ranges (different models):
  • IP440A-1: ±4 to ±18V DC or AC peak
  • IP440A-2: ±16 to ±40V DC or AC peak
  • IP440A-3: ±38 to ±60V DC or AC peak
  • Interrupt support for each channel
  • High-speed processing (0 wait states)
  • Programmable polarity of event interrupts (low-to-high or high-to-low transitions)
  • Programmable debounce
  • Input hysteresis
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Software configuration (no jumpers or switches)
  • 0 to 70°C (IP440A-1/2/3) or -40 to 85°C (IP440A-1E/2E/3E models)
  • Software configuration allows “on-the-fly” changes without removing modules.
  • Pins are compatible with IP445 output module for loopback monitoring
  • Loopback monitoring enables self-test and fault diagnostics to detect open switches or shorts.



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