MIL STD 1553 B Avionics Interface Cards

Alta’s MIL-STD-1553 (AS15531) product line includes multi-channel interface cards for most computer backplanes and the industry’s only real time Ethernet converters.

All devices are available with Dual Function (BC/BM or mRT/BM) for Full Function (BC/mRT/BM) configurations. Available in Commercial and Conduction Cooled Models with IRIG-B PAM Decoders and Signal Generators.

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MIL STD 1553 B Avionics Interface Cards

Alta Data are a leading provider of MIL STD 1553 B. Their product line consists of multi-channel interface cards for most computer backplanes (PCIe, XMC, PMC, PCI-104) and Real Time Ethernet Converters.


Firstly, most cards are dual redundant with 1 up to 10 Independent MIL-STD-1553 Channels. Also, Rugged Versions which allow operation from – 40 to +85 degrees Celsius are available.

Secondly, the software development kits, AltaAPI and AltaAPI-LabVIEW(tm), provides the best designed, abstracted and portable resources. This will allow you to quickly and reliably integrate a 1553 network to your application. Thirdly, the AltaView analyser Windows software provides a low-level, network analyser to greatly reduce integration and troubleshooting time.

Most cards/devices have signal capture and signal generation capability, and the Alta hardware are the only interface cards that can both execute and pass the SAE-AS4111 5.2 protocol tests.

Most 1553 Cards and ENET devices have optional 1553 Jack and AUX I/O DB cable assemblies.

Alta Data MIL STD 1553 Features include

  • 1-10 1553B Notice II & IV Channels
  • COTS Card that executes and passes AS4111
  • Dual function cards with BC/Mon or mRT/Mon
  • Full function (BC, mRT, Mon)
  • Commercial and Conduction Cooled Models
  • Playback
  • Signal Generator
  • Wave Form Capture – Standard most cards
  • Common Data Packets
  • 32-bit HS Memory
  • 1 Mbyte HS Memory
  • IRIG-B PAM Decoder
  • Dual Temperature Sensor & I2C Bus

Alta Data’s ARINC products are used for both operational and test equipment

Finally, click on the large image above to be taken to Alta Data’s website for further breakdown on their full range of MIL-STD-1553. Or contact us.