Military IP KVM Extender RVA3408T/R

This is the world’s first IP KVM Extender with 4Kp60 4:4:4 UHD performance housed in a small rugged MIL-STD designed case.  It can be configured over LAN, private WAN or internet network and operates over standard 1 GbE network infrastructure at unprecedented low bit rates.

It is the perfect Video Appliance for Military applications.

The Crystal Group Model RVA3408T/R is a rugged Military IP KVM Extender.  Firstly, this transmitter/receiver duo can be configured as point to point.  Otherwise it can operate as a network extender to securely deliver multiple video, keyboard, mouse, USB 2.0 and audio signals.

Secondly, this video appliance system provides seamless control of multiple systems.  From a remote 4K multi-display station with a single keyboard and mouse.  It operates with COTS network switches to deliver a scalable KVM matrix switching solution.

Thirdly, this system centralises hardware in a command post to increase security, protects against environmental hazards and reduces heat and noise emissions.  It also enables remote access to secured systems.  With the added benefit of smart control of multiple video sources over the IP network.

Making it ideal for Defence Command and Control, Surveillance and Perimeter security applications.

Features of the Military IP KVM Extender RVA3408T/R include:

  • Support quad monitor configurations (4x1920x1080 @ 60Hz) with a single system
  • Improve operator workflow across multi monitor work space
  • Delivers smooth video playback
  • As well as excellent Video & Mouse responsiveness
  • Create a scalable KVM matrix over IP supporting one to one or many to many configurations
  • Operates on standard GbE infrastructure enabling seamless deployment
  • Connect to and control systems from remote locations on the IP network to maximise information flow
  • Elevate protection from cyber attacks with IPSec VPN client and multi factor authentication


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