Compact All-in-one DAQ System

The DEWESoft MINITAURs is fully packed with the latest technology and is a perfect compact all-in-one data acquisition system. Based on the SIRIUS dual core ADC technology, it offers amazing dynamic range of 160 dB. MINITAURs has eight universal analogue input channels, eight high-precision counter inputs and 1 CAN port for automotive applications.

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Built from a solid block of aluminium, the DEWESoft MINITAURs is a rugged and compact DAQ System. With footprint of only 266 x 139 x 109 mm, it is a perfect instrument for mobile and/or air-borne applications that requires a small but powerful, reliable data acquisition device. MINITAURs is expandable with battery packs BPi2 and BPi4 and compatible with all other front ends of the SIRIUS instruments.

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Main Features of the DEWESoft MINITAUR DAQ System include:
  • Integrated powerful PC computer
  • Universal sensor inputs (Strain, Voltage, Current, DSI adapters)
  • Internal Quarter- and Half-bridge completion
  • Programmable sensor excitation
  • Removable SSD
  • Expandable with SIRIUS

MINITAUR comes with a powerful integrated computer (Intel Core i3) and features standard interfaces such as LAN, WLAN, VGA and HDMI.   The PC provides four USB3 ports, additional two USB2 ports and removable SSD for fast data transfer.

Technical Specifications
Analogue front End    
InputsVoltage, full bridge strain, 1/2 bridge strain, 1/4 bridge strain (120n and 350n), current (ext. Shunt)
ADC Type24bit delta sigma dual core with 100/5 kHz analogue anti-aliasing filter (High Dynamic, up to 160 dB)
Sampling RateSimultaneous 200kS/sec
Dual Core Ranges (Low)±10V (±500mV)±1V (50mV)±100mV (±5mV)±10mV (±0.5mV)
Gain accuracy±0.05% of reading
Offset accuracy (Dual Core)±5 (2) mV±0.5 (0.2) mV±0.1 (0.1) mV±0.1 (0.1) mV
Offset accuracy after Balance Amplifier0.2mV0.02mV0.02mV0.02mV
Typ. Dynamic [email protected] (Dual Core)137 dB (152 dB)137 dB (147 dB)130 dB (132 dB)112 dB (112 dB)
Typ. [email protected] (Dual Core)105 dB (121 dB)104 dB (111 dB)95 dB (95 dB)75 dB (75 dB)
Typ. CMR @ 400Hz (1kHz)86 dB (96 dB)96 dB (95 dB)110 dB (102 dB)110 dB (102 dB)
Input CouplingDC
Input Impedance10 Mn
Overvoltage ProtectionIn+ to In-: 50 V continuous; 200V peak (10msec)
Digital Filter (vs. Sample Rate)1kS/s .. 50 kS/s50kS/s .. 100kS/s100kS/s .. 200kS/s
Bandwidth (-3 dB)0.494 fs0.49 fs0.38 fs
Alias-free BandwidthDC to 0.42fsDC to 0.32fsDC to 0.22fs
Excitation VoltageFree programmable (16 Bit DAC)
Predefined levels0, 1, 2.5, 5, 10 and 15 VDC
Accuracy±0.05 % ±2 mV
Sense Impedance to Exc / to GND100 kn / > 100 Mn
Current limit45mA
ProtectionContinuous short to ground
Bridge Connection TypesFull bridge, 1/2 bridge, 1/4 bridge (3-wire)
Ranges2mV/V...1000mV/V free programmable with Dual Core
Internal Bridge Completion1/2 bridge 1 kn and 1/4 bridge 120n and 350n
Internal Shunt Resistor59.88 kn, software selectable (others on request)
Input Short, Sensor Offset AdjustSoftware selectable
Counters (only on STGMv2+ type)1counter / 3 digital input, fully synchronised and alarm output
Counter Modescounting, waveform timing, encoder, tacho, gear tooth sensor
Input Level CompatibilityCMOS, LVTTL
Input Protection±25Volt continuous
Alarm outputOpen collector, max. 100mA/30Volt
Sensor supply5V/100mA; 12V/50mA
Additional Specifications
Input connectorDSUB 9, Lemo2B 8pin, Lemo2B 16pin (others on request)
TEDS supportStandard + DSI Adaptors

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