Navigation and Signal Lights Control

The Navigation and Signal Lights Control is operated from a panel that fits into a console located on the bridge. This is linked to a power panel located within the console.

Navigation and Signal Lights Control

Illuminated switches on the panel control the lights on the Navigation and Signal Lights Control. Each light supplied is also represented by an LED within a mimic diagram in order to display the status of the lights. Failure of a light causes the relevant switch (LED) to flash and initiates an audible alarm. All indicator LEDs are dimmable and an a

The following lights are controlled: Port, starboard, foremast, aft mast, stern, forward anchor, aft anchor, NUC upper port, NUC upper starboard, RAM white port, RAM white starboard, NUC lower port, NUC lower starboard. (All duplex lights)


Towing. (single lights), Masthead obstruction port, masthead obstruction starboard. (Flashing lights)

Two spare circuits are also provided. The power panel is supplied with a 230V AC normal supply, a 230V AC emergency supply and a 24V DC supply. An automatic changeover switch for the AC supplies is included in the panel.

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