OEM Embeddable Wireless Temperature Sensor

The TC-Link-200-OEM is a 1-channel wireless node used for precise measurement of temperature, mV, or resistance. No calibration is needed when used with thermocouples, RTD, or thermistors. The node will apply the appropriate linearisation algorithms and CJC on-board based on the sensor type.

The TC-Link-200-OEM’s small form factor, wide input range, and selection of antenna options make this product easy to integrate into many applications.

The TC-Link-200-OEM is an OEM Embeddable Wireless Temperature Sensor Node manufactured by Lord Sensing.  Firstly, it has a sample rate of up to 128 Hz.  It also has one input channel supporting thermocouples, resistance thermometers (RTD)s and thermistors and an onboard temperature calculation using NIST 9th Order Polynomial.

LORD Sensing Wireless Sensor Networks are ideal for test and measurement, impact and event monitoring and equipment condition monitoring.

Also, users can easily program nodes for continuous, periodic burst or event triggered sampling with the SensorConnect Software. The optional cloud based SensorCloud interface optimises data aggregation, analysis, presentation and alerts for sensor data from remote networks.

Finally, Metromatics provides outstanding local customer and technical support in Australia.

For more information on this product range, please contact us.

Wireless temperature sensors in use

OEM Embeddable Wireless Temperature Sensors – TC-Link-200-OEM Highlights

  • 1 input channel supporting thermocouples, resistance thermometers (RTDs), and thermistors
  • Onboard temperature calculation using NIST 9th order polynomial
  • Onboard cold-junction compensation
  • Digital filtering for up to 120 dB rejection of 50 and 60 Hz noise
  • High accuracy and low noise
  • Open-circuit (burnout) detection
  • Compatible thermocouples types:
    • J, K, N, R, S, T, E, B
  • Compatible RTDs:
    • PT-10, PT-50, PT-100, PT-200, PT-500, PT1000
  • Compatible thermistors:
    • 44004, 44033, 44005, 44030, 44006, 44031, 44007, 44034, 44008, 44032, YSI-400
  • Report sensor temperature, voltage, or resistance
  • Up to 128 Hz sampling rate
  • Continuous, periodic burst, or event-triggered operation
  • LXRS protocol allows lossless data collection, scalable network size, and node synchronization of ±50 µs
  • Datalogging up to 8 million data points
  • Wireless range up to 1km
  • Duty cycle sensor excitation for low power operation, well-suited for battery powered applications
  • –40 to +105 °C operating temperature range


Inside the Package of the TC-Link-200-OEM OEM Embeddable Wireless Temperature Sensor Sensor: Power with a 3.3 to 30 VDC, Humiseal 1B31 Conformal Coating, 4 mounting holes sized for 2-56 UNC, optional aluminium base, antenna options include onboard, or U.FL connector


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