PCI Carrier Cards

The Acromag PCI Carrier Cards to hold Industry Pack or PMC mezzanine modules to interface I/O signals to a PCI computer system.

The carrier card provides a modular approach to system assembly, since each carrier can be populated with any combination of analog input/output, digital input/output, communication, etc. IP modules. Therefore, the user can create a board which is customised to the application.

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PCI Carrier Cards

Listed below are the PCI Carrier Cards for Industry Pack and PMC I/O Modules. If you require further information, contact us.

PCI Carrier Boards for Industry Pack Modules. Model: APC8620APCI Carrier Boards for Industry Pack Modules. Model: APC8621APCI Carrier Boards for PMC Modules. Model: APC-PMC
PCI Carrier Card 

PCI Carrier Card

PCI Carrier Card
The Acromag Model AP8620A features

  • Non Intelligent PCI Bus Carrier for IP Modules
  • Holds 5 IP Modules
  • Freedom to mix variety of I/O Signals
The Acromag Model AP8621A features

  • Non Intelligent PCI Bus Carrier for IP Modules
  • Half Length
  • Holds 3 IP Modules
  • Ideal for Smaller PC Chassis
The Acromag Model APC-PMC features

  • Non Intelligent PMC Carrier Card
  • Half Length PCI Card
  • Holds One PMC Card
  • 32-bit 66MHz PCI Interface


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