Pressure Sensors

FUTEK provide a range of high quality pressure sensors also known as pressure transducers using foil strain gauge technology. Capacity of 0.1245 bar – 250 PSIA, various sizes, female ports, male ports and flush mounted threaded versions with load direction of pressure, vacuum or combination of both.


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Pressure Sensors

FUTEK offer a range of Pressure Sensors or Pressure Transducers (as they are also known).

For Industrial applications – Models PMP450 are ideal for hydraulics and pneumatic, vacuum, test equipment and liquid level measurement.  Also press control, compressor control, pump protection and numerous other processing and control operations

OEM Pressure Transducers- Models PMP410 and PMP300 used in applications subject to severe Mechanical Shock, Vibration and Electro Magnetic Interference. Such as:  hydraulics and pneumatic, compressor controls, pump protection, temperature variations, and refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

The PFT510 is a Miniature version – with a Flush Mount Diaphragm is a general pressure sensor solution for a variety of applications.  So is The PFP350 Pressure Transducer with a cable.

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Pressure Sensors     
Female Port Pressure SensorsPFP350 Female Port Pressure SensorMiniature Pressure SensorsPFT510 Miniature Pressure Sensor - Flush Mount DiaphragmPressure SensorsPMP300 Pressure Sensor (OEM)
Pressure SensorsPMP410 Pressure Sensor (OEM)Pressure SensorsPMP450 Pressure Sensor (Industrial)


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