RTD Input Transmitter 657T 658T

These units accept universal RTD or resistance input signals and output proportional DC current signals. Output can be linearised to the input sensor signal.

Making them ideal for panel shops and those end users who require a high density signal conditioner which can accommodate a broad range of temperature measurement applications.

The Acromag 657T and 658T are a RTD Input Transmitter.

Firstly, the 657T is the single channel version and 658T is the dual channel. It accepts 100 ohm Pt, 120 ohm Ni and 10 ohm Cu (selectable type) inputs. Producing 4 to 20 mA proportional DC Current signals using the 12-50V DC from output loop power.

Secondly, configuration is easy. Select the input type with a simple DIP switch. Then set your zero/full scale output values using the toggle switch (located on front panel). This allows you to increase or decrease the signal until you reach desired output value on your voltmeter. The toggles allow you to calibrate a normal (proportional) or reverse acting (inverse) response in seconds. Therefore, after the calibration is complete, press the mode/set toggle which saves the configuration settings to a non volatile memory.

Other features of the RTD Input Transmitter 657T 658T include:

  • Selectable RTD input types offer flexibility to fit many applications
  • DIP switch-configuration and self-ranging technologies speed installation without pots, jumpers, or software
  • Toggle-switch calibration simplifies field adjustments for faster and easier maintenance
  • Configuration lockout safety feature prevents tampering and accidental changes
  • As well as reverse-acting output capability enables inverse proportional control signals
  • Dual channel model saves space and reduces equipment costs
  • Also high-resolution sigma-delta A/D converters deliver superior accuracy for reliable measurements
  • Lead break detection supports upscale or downscale fail-safe mode
  • Operating temperature range: -25 to 75°C


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