Rugged 4U Server RS41110L21

The 4U Rugged Server Model RS41110L21 is a high end computing performance server built in a 4U Chassis.  It can withstand extreme environments.  As a result, it’s used for Defence and Rugged Industrial applications

The Rugged 4U Server RS41110L21 is a high end computing performance server.  This server has been built into a 4U chassis.  This unit measures with a depth of 20.7” (52.6 cm).  As a result, it can fit almost any rack space.  In addition to this, this server is field tested, is failsafe and has long life performance in extreme conditions.  Finally, the SWaP envelope of the RS41110L21 will be minimised as Crystal Group continues to improve its processing performance.  This server is perfect for defence & rugged industrial applications.

Key Features of 4U Rugged Server RS41110L21

  • Aluminium construction 23.13-24.95 kgs.
  • Rugged 4U Rack mounted 20.7” depth
  • Up to 4 TB of DDR4 Memory
  • Power Supply 1200W AC
  • 10 x SSD bays for up to 20 SSDs
  • Designed for 2 high powered GPGPUs operating at 50°C
  • Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
  • Up to 11 x PCIe expansion slots


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