Rugged Half Rack UPS AHB1001

The Rugged UPS System delivers 1000W of continuous power. It provides a new level of power portability to Defence & Industrial Applications. In a half rack 1U chassis which is 1/3 the size compared to a full size chassis.

Therefore, providing huge savings in rack space and total weight whilst maintaining 1000W of power

The Acumentrics AHB1001 is a Rugged Half Rack UPS System.

Firstly, it the required autonomous power needed by small form factor networking, communications and computer platforms. Thereby, supporting “Quick on the Halt” and “On the Move” mounted and dismounted tactical missions.

Also, the Half Rack UPS’s modular open systems approach makes it compatible with third party small form factor modules that require 20VDC to 30VDC Mission Critical Power. It is also compatible with other small form factor transit cases from suppliers such as Ameripack, ECS, etc.

Secondly, this system COTS and MIL-STD Certified. It is certified to meet the following MIL Standards: EMC: MIL-STD 461F CE102, RE102, CS114/115/116, CS101 & RS103 Environmental: MIL-STD-810-G, Method 514.6, Category 20, Figure 514.6C-3, Table 514.6C-VI, Method 516.6, Procedure I, Section and Table 516.6-I, Ground Equipment.

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Other features of the Rugged Half Rack UPS System AHB1001 include:

  • Power Factor corrected – accepts a range of voltages and frequencies. Delivering clean, reliable DC power and seamless switching from AC shore power to DC power of internal battery
  • AC Input with Automatic Power Selection
  • Uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Batteries and has User Replaceable Battery pack for hot-swap field replacement.
  • NAVSEA Safety Certified LFP Batteries
  • RUPS Transfer time – doesn’t interrupt the load quality and has zero switch over time
  • Accepts True Worldwide Input – AC Input power from 100 VAC to 264 VAC/ 47 Hz to 440 Hz
  • 1000W
  • 5.45 Kgs
  • Removable Hot Swap Battery with Charge Level Indicator Button
  • -40 to 60°C operational temperature
  • Optional SNMP
  • Optional Extended Runtime Battery


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ahb1001 half rack