Rugged Servers and Network Appliances

Defence, Industrial and Commercial professionals choose Metromatics for the supply of their Rugged Servers, Routers and Data Storage Solutions.  Through our superior suppliers, Metromatics are able to supply high performance computing and high capacity data storage in a rugged, MIL-STD designed, package able to withstand the toughest environmental conditions.

These products include: 1U to 4U Rugged Servers, Rugged Network Appliances, Rugged Data Storage Solutions, Network Firewalls and Switches.

Metromatics provides outstanding local customer and technical support to our Australian and New Zealand Customers.


Our portfolio of Rugged Servers, Routers and Data Storage products consists of:

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Crystal Group design, build, customise and support the most trusted rugged computers, servers and rugged systems for Defence and Industrial applications.

Rugged Server 1.5UForce Rugged ServersData Storage Solution

Rugged Servers

Force Rugged Servers

Ruggedized Data Storage Systems
Rugged Network FirewallRugged Network Switches
Network Firewall for Cyber Security ProtectionRugged Network Switches


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