Rugged Graphics & Video Boards

Through our superior supplier WOLF Advanced Technology, Metromatics is able to offer their range of premium WOLF Rugged Graphics Modules and Video Boards to our Australian and New Zealand Customers.  Defence and Aerospace applications demand reliable rugged video module solutions to operate in extreme environments and WOLF delivers.  These Graphics Cards provide the best performance and are trusted by Defence and Defence Contractor Primes around the world.

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WOLF Graphics and Video Boards are designed specifically for Defence and Aerospace applications.  Such as:

Harsh environments encountered in Military & Aerospace applications.

Firstly, the Rugged Graphics Boards are designed to pass MIL-STD-810 and DO-160 environmental tests.  Also they are manufactured to an IPC-A-610 Class 3 and IPC-6012 Class 3 for high reliability.  In addition, Air Cooled or Conduction Cooled Models are available. Above all their technology is built around premier GPU Processors from NVIDIA & AMD.

Video Capture Boards

Firstly, WOLF’s Video Capture / Conversion Boards are used to get video data into a system.  As a result, they convert it to a useable format for other GPUs or processors.  Or convert the video for output to another display device.  Secondly, the WOLF Video Frame Grabber eXtreme (FGX) captures, transmits and converts current and legacy analog and digital interfaces.  It supports many formats such as: SD/HD/3G SDI, 6G and 12G SDI, CoaXpress CP-6, ARINC 818, Display Port, HDMI, DVI, Analog CVBS, STANAG 3350, VGA and PAL/NTSC

Advanced Image Processing and Video Encoding

WOLF’s Rugged Graphics Modules have the processing power for parallel processing such as colour correction and enhancement, video stabilisation, filtering, terrain analytics, 3D visualisation of geospatial data and tracking.  Plus they can be used for General Purpose data processing (also known as GPGPU) in applications as diverse as analysing scientific data for molecule identification to cryptocurrency mining.

Likewise, Video Encoding is a standard feature of GPU processors.  In short, WOLF’s Video Graphics Modules are no different.  They are used for H.264 (AVC) and H.265 (HEVC) encoders and often used for live streaming, HD and 4K Streams.  WOLF Encoding Solutions offer GPU-Based, APU-Based, Low Power Options and Dedicated Results.

Video Display Boards support multiple outputs from a single module

WOLF Video Display Boards support multiple outputs from a single module.  Typically, 3 to 6 Outputs per module (double that capability for 6U VPX Model).  It supports native GPU formats such as DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI.  Plus analog formats such CVBS and VGA.

Video Output Modules support different resolutions with HD being Standard.  UHD, 4K and 5K are being supported on new modules and High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video and 10-bit colour depth.

AI Inference

Firstly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) training and inference phases benefit from parallel processing and matrix processing.  Secondly, GPUs are based on parallel processing technology.  However, NVIDIA has implemented Tensor Cores in its latest generation of GPUs.  Tensor cores are similar to normal graphics processing cores but they also allow mixed precision computations.

Finally, WOLF offers are number of NVIDIA GPU Based Modules which include Tensor Cores.  They also offer specialised accelerator circuits for deep learning interference, machine vision, audio processing and video encoding.

WOLF Modules that include NVIDIA Tensor Cores

 Product NameGPUCUDA® CoresTensor CoresMemory

Rugged Graphics Cards & Video Boards Available:


Rugged Graphics & Video Boards - 6U VPXRugged Graphics & Video Boards - 3U VPXXMC Model Rugged Graphics & Video Boards

6U VPX GPU Video Graphics Modules

3U VPX GPU Video Graphics Modules

XMC Graphics Cards

MXC Model Rugged Graphics & Video Boards MXM Rugged Graphics & Video Boards DEV Rugged Graphics & Video Boards

MXC Video Graphics Boards

MXM Video Graphics Cards

Graphics Development Platforms

SFF Rugged Graphics & Video Boards

Small Form Factor (SFF) Video Graphics Cards

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