UPS’s, Power Conditioning and Power Supplies

Defence and Industrial professionals choose Metromatics for the supply of their UPS’s, Power Conditioning and Power Supply Solutions.  Through our superior suppliers, Metromatics are able to supply High Performance UPS’s, Pure Sinewave DC AC Inverters, Portable UPS Systems, Rugged Operational Transit Cases, Power Distribution Units and High capacity Linear and DC Power Supplies in a rugged, MIL-STD designed, package able to withstand the toughest environmental conditions.

Metromatics provides outstanding local customer and technical support for this product range to our Australian and New Zealand Customers.

Metromatics has a fabulous supplier who specialises in the manufacture of UPS’s, Power Conditioning & Power Supply products.


Acumentrics LogoAcumentrics Since 1994, this US based company has been the trusted market leader in Rugged AC and DC Uninterruptible Power Sources (RUPS™) for harsh environments in heavy duty industrial and military applications.  Acumentrics deliver Total Power Solutions to Defence Primes and Industrial Manufacturers world-wide.  From Rugged UPS, Portable UPS Systems, Rugged Operational Transit Cases, Power conditioners, Battery Technology to Communication Interfaces.  Acumentrics also customise their products to meet your requirements.


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Main photo of the Rugged UPS ACG1252Main photo of the Pack-Power - ExpeditionaryMain photo of the ANB1251C1 Rugged MIL Operational Transit Case

Rugged UPS

Portable UPS Systems

Rugged Operational Transit Case

Main photo of the Power Conditioner ACT2500U282KC3Main photo of the LAB EXT Battery Pack ACG1UBP-C2PDU Power Distribution Unit

Power Conditioners

Battery Packs for Rugged UPSPDU – Power Distribution Unit
Main photo of the Transit Case ACG9267

Accessories – Cables & Sliding Rail Kits

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