Rugged Tablet 10.4” AT104

The AT104 is a full featured rugged tablet. Argon has integrated an Intel i7 embedded computer into their ARD10.4” Rugged Display with a ruggedised resistive or capacitive touch screens.

With a wide variety of standard features, it can also be customised so that the product meets your exact requirements.

Argon AT104 is Rugged Tablet 10.4” and is suitable Command and Control applications where space is scarce such as in combat and tactical vehicles, mobile shelters and close in naval spaces.

Firstly, the AT104 has a thin bezel for greater view ability of the whole display. Along with flexible mounting configurations, configurable I/O and universal AC/DC power supplies for Defence mission critical applications. The embedded computer can be upgraded to a variety of Intel base processors in order to meet specific processing requirements.

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Main features of the AT104 Rugged Tablet 10.4” include:

  • Small mechanical outline
  • Low weight
  • High Brightness
  • Programmable Bezel Buttons
  • 10.4” LCD and 6th Gen Intel i7 Processor
  • Analog Resistive or Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Fully enclosed unit


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