S Beam Load Cells LSB400

The S-Beam Load Cell Model LSB400 is a compact, robust design for platforms, silos and scales.

Manufactured from 17-4 Stainless Steel, with female threads (metric also available) and 4 Pin Lemo Receptacle and handles from 2267 kg to 4536 Kg. It also has high accuracy and operating temperature from -51 to 93°C.

The FUTEK LSB400 are a S-Beam Load Cells that are for inline use for both tension and compression.

Firstly, they feature ±0.05% nonlinearity shear beam load cell and contains a connector or robust cable. Secondly, like FUTEK’s entire Load Cell product line it uses metal foil strain gauge technology.  For more information, contact us.

Other outstanding features of the LSB400 S-Beam Load Cell include:

  • 17-4 Stainless Steel availability
  • Optional 3M 28 AWG 6 Conductor shielded Polyurethane cable
  • Metric Threads available
  • In both Tension & Compression
  • Uses Metal Foil Strain Gauge Technology


S Beam Load Cells LSB400


Load CapacityThread SizeHeight in cmLength in cmWidth in cmConnection Type

Connector Type


22241.1 N¾-168.76 cm6.22 cm3.99 cmCable 
FSH0097622241.1 NM16x28.76 cm6.22 cm3.99 cmConnector

4 Pin Lemo Receptacle


22241.1 N¾-168.76 cm6.22 cm3.99 cmConnector4 Pin Lemo Receptacle
FSH0097844482.2 NM16x28.76 cm6.22 cm3.99 cmConnector

4 Pin Lemo Receptacle


44482.2 N¾-168.76 cm6.22 cm3.99 cmConnector

4 Pin Lemo Receptacle


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