Industry professionals choose Metromatics for the supply of their Sensor Solutions.  Through our superior suppliers, Metromatics are able to supply high performance Sensors for the Automotive, Medical, Turbine Engine, Flight Test, Modal & Structural Analysis, Defence, Agricultural, Automation, Robotic and Lab Testing Industries.

These products include: Piezo or DC Accelerometers, DC MEMS Single & Triaxial Accelerometers, Force Sensors, Load Cells, Multi Axis Load Cell Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Reaction Torque and Rotary Torque Sensors.

Metromatics provides outstanding local customer and technical support


Our portfolio of Sensor products consists of:

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Accelerometer Sensors DC MEMS Accelerometers Triaxial Accelerometer

Accelerometers – Piezo or DC

DC MEMS Accelerometers Single Axis

DC MEMS Triaxial Accelerometers

Force Sensors Load Cells Multi Axis Load Cell

Force Sensors

Load Cells

Multi Axis Load Cell Sensors

Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensors TFF400 Reaction Torque Sensor
Pressure Sensor – FUTEK

Pressure Sensors – Dytran

Reaction Torque Sensors
Rotary Torque Sensors Analogue Amplifier

Rotary Torque Sensors

Test & Measurement Accessories


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