Serial Communication Modules

Serial Communication Module also known as a Serial Communications Interface.  Contains all the clock generators, registers and data buffers necessary to perform an input or output serial data transfer independently of the device program execution.  It can also establish asynchronous and parallel communication interfaces for your system.  Software configuration helps you quickly set baud rates, character sizes, stop bits and parity.

Acromag’s Serial Communication Modules provide asynchronous serial communication interface for your system.  Acromag’s modules are available in industrial modular computer standards such as PMC or Industry Pack.


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Acromag’s COTS Serial Communication Modules are high speed, high resolution and feature rich.

Another alternative – is the Acromag AcroPack Product line.  Acromag has updated their popular Industry Pack I/O Modules by using a mPCIe interface format.  They added 19mm and a 100 pin connector to provide up to 50 isolated rear I/O signals.  This is a super small foot print without cabling.

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PMC Serial Communication Modules Industry Pack Serial Communication Modules
Serial Communication Modules PMC Serial Communication Modules IP

PMC Serial Communication Boards provides a choice of either RS232 Octal or RS422/485 Octal. Other features include

  • 8 asynchronous EIA/TIA-232E serial ports
  • 64-byte FIFO buffers
  • Interrupt support
  • Programmable Baud Rate up to 1.8342 Mbps

Industry Pack Serial Communication Boards provides a choice of

  • RS232, RS422/485 Full Duplex, 422 Isolated, 485 Isolated, RS232 Octal, RS422/485 Octal, CAN Bus Interface and MIL-STD-1553 Bus Interface Modules
  • Plus plenty of other features.


PMC500 Series – PMC Serial Communication Boards

IP500 Series – Industry Serial Communication Boards



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