Termination products for Acromag I/O

The Termination Products Acromag I/O consists of various items. Such as: DIN rail-mount panels  50 screw terminals on

  • 50-pin connector termination panels
  • 50 screw terminals on SCSI-2 connector termination panels
  • 68 screw terminals on SCSI-3 connector termination panels

The Acromag Termination products for Acromag I/O consist of various items from DIN rail mount panels to connector termination panels. Screw terminal panels simplify field signal wiring. A cable connector provides a clean interface to the I/O board or module. Many termination panels have a compact footprint and mount neatly on a DIN rail strip.

Other panels are designed for mounting directly onto a standard 19-inch computer rack. All of Acromag’s I/O boards have a corresponding termination panel. This convenience saves you the time and hassle of finding a compatible panel or crafting your own. For more information see the module’s user manual.

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