Vibration Controller for Electrodynamic Shakers RL-C21

This vibration control and data acquisition offers modular scalable architecture.

Featuring simultaneous control of up to 8 shakers at a frequency of 0.1 to 35kHz.  As well as an LCD screen and calibration functionality.

The Rula-Tech RL-C21 is a Vibration controller for Electrodynamic shakers.  Firstly, it has flexible configuration and tailor made to your requirements.  It can be scaled up to 8 devices on one network.  Therefore providing up to 32 inputs and 8 output channels.

Secondly, this system provides internal calculation and safety checks run by the DSP directly in the controller.  It also contains break protection.  Which is the galvic isolation in the input chains preventing breaks.

The MEMS & MIM capabilities allow the system to simultaneously control up to 8 two and three axis shakers.  As well as vibration shakers with up to six degrees freedom.  There is also an option to calibrate transducers, shakers and microphones – all in one box

Use the vibration software packages VISProbe SL & VisAnalyser for all your analysis.


Features of the Vibration Controller for Electrodynamic shakers RL-C21 include:

  • 1 to 32 input channels
  • Voltage measurement range up to 10 V
  • Analog, Digital High Pass, and low pass filtration
  • Can control up to 8 shakers at one time




Input Channels 1 to 32
Sensor Type IEPE, charge, TEDS, displacement, velocity, force sensors
Voltage ±10 V
Dynamic Range 120 dB
Noise Level 20 mV
Channel cross talk </- -100 dB



Output Channels 1 to 8 Control Channels, Up to 8 COLA Channels
DAC Resolution 24 bits
Relative Frequency </- 5 x 10̄ ⁵
Filtration Analog filters, digital high pass and low pass
Dynamic Range 120 dB



Frequency Range 0.1 to 35,000 Hz
Temperature Range 5 to 50°C
Dimensions 390 x274 x 54mm
Weight 2.3 Kg
Power supply 110/240 VAC


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Vibration Controller Unit RL-C21