VME Software Support for IP Modules IPSW-A7VME

The IPSW-A7VME is the software support series for VME. It supports Linux, VxWorks and Windows Operating Systems and used with Acromag products

The Acromag IPSW-A7VME is the VME Software Support for Acromag IP Modules, FPGA XVME and VME Carriers. It supports Linux, VxWorks 7.0 64 bit and Windows 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.

Firstly, Linux example libraries consists of Acromag’s FPGA based bridge for VME Carriers when used with Industry Pack Modules. VxWorks 7.0 64-bits and Windows 64/32-bit , offers a software support packages for Acromag when used with IP modules and VME carriers.

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