Wireless Open Closed Sensors

The Wireless Open Closed Sensors remotely monitor door or window statuses. They will make contact if it has been left ajar or been accessed when it shouldn’t be.

Ideal for vaccine fridges, retail and restaurant walk-ins.

Monnit Wireless Open Closed Sensors remotely monitor door and window statuses. This is achieved by an external magnetic switch and trigger magnet to detect status. When magnets meet door or window is closed.

Firstly, this sensor will issue an alert by text, e-mail or call if pre-set conditions are breached. It provides automated data logging. Plus, it can be installed within 15 minutes with plug and play simplicity.

Wireless Open Closed Sensor Applications include:

  • Commercial Property Door & Window Access
  • IT Server Rooms & Closets
  • Shipping Cargo Bay Door Monitoring
  • Vaccine Storage Monitoring
  • Restricted area monitoring
  • Freezer and Cooler Doors
  • Crawl space monitoring

Secondly, sensors can be configured via iMonnit software to only send notifications during specific day parts ie. After-hours. Data also records access patterns – ideal for food service, health care and hospitality sectors. Sensor models range from an AA battery powered unit to a power over ethernet sensor. There is a open close monitoring solution to suit your requirements.

Finally, for more information, contact us.

Wireless Open Close Sensors

Wireless Open Closed Sensors enterprise
Enterprise Wireless

  • Battery Powered AA
  • Up to 10 years battery life


Open Close Sensors Industrial
Industrial Wireless

  • Industrial Battery
  • Up to 7 years battery life


humidity sensor poe
Power over Ethernet Sensor PoE-X

  • PoE Powered
  • Line Power Optional


Open close Sensor
WiFi Sensor -MoWi

  • Ideal for small companies
  • Use your existing WiFi




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