Wireless Sensor Adaptor

The Wireless Sensor Adaptor allows Monnit Wireless Sensors to communicate with you local or online wireless sensor monitoring system by connecting to a PC or third party IoT gateways via USB connection.

The Wireless Sensor Adaptor allows you pass sensor data to the online system. This is achieved by finding an on-site PC with active internet connection.

Firstly, connect to iMonnit Software online and install the free Monnit Gateway application. With the online iMonnit software, configure your network, view collected sensor data and set alarms through SMS or e-mail all from web enabled browser. The system allows for complete configuration and customisation at sensor, local network or client wide level.

Finally, the adaptor is designed to respond to market requirement for global technology incorporating several vertical M2M application segments and wireless sensor management solutions.

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Wireless Sensor Adaptor