Workstation Software Development Kit

Huntron Workstation Software Development Kit is a method for integrating control of instruments to the Huntron Workstation Software to be used with Huntron Access Probers. Integration is performed by creating or modifying a .NET DLL file. The combination of the Huntron Workstation Software, Huntron Access Probers and other instruments using a customised DLL creates a fast and easy way to create effective custom prober systems.

The Huntron Workstation Software Development Kit enables customisation of your other test instrumentation into the Huntron Workstation.

The Huntron Workstation Software can move the prober to the location of testing, control instruments, display data, make comparisons and show results. It supports numeric measurements, waveforms and images. The settings for obtaining data are customisable window controls. This consists of 6 drop down list boxes, 6 text boxes and 6 check boxes.  In addition, there is a delay field for delaying measurements after the probe has made contact and +/- tolerance fields for comparison.

The Huntron Workstation Software Development Kit saves time on application development. Plus, it provides the ability to capture, store and compare good vs bad measurements and shares tests with other facilities that use the same system. Another advantage is it creates an automated test platform with reduced development resources that is easy to set up.

Example of Huntron Workstation Software Development Kit

This System uses full integration of an Access Prober to take and display oscilloscope measurements with Huntron Workstation using the Huntron Workstation Software Development Kit.

The oscilloscope is an Agilent DSO 1022A USB Oscilloscope.  Firstly, a custom scope probe holder is created.  This securely holds the probe to a coax adaptor. It is then wired to the standard Access Prober Spring Probe.  Therefore, providing minimal unshielded cable length. The Huntron Workstation provides database development, test point position teaching and waveform storage functions. Secondly, the oscilloscope measurements are stored directly in the Huntron Workstation Software.  This is achieved by using the DLLs supplied in the Software Development Kit. Therefore, measurements are compared to stored measurements. And used to assist in fault location on the circuit board under test. In this system, amplitude was the only parameter compared. The module tested was remotely powered and positioned within the Prober bed without special features.

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