White Paper: Video Metadata

video metadata

Instrumentation Technology Systems America (ITS) have released a white paper primarily on Video Metadata.  In this paper they discuss – where-who-what is Metadata in analogue and HD-SDI Video.

The ITS White Paper on Video Metadata also discusses

  • Different Data Types such as image, ancillary, audio, payload, workflow
  • Data Identification Words (DID)/ Secondary DIDs (SDID)
  • Capacity and Potential of data for Instrumentation and Telemetry Purposes
  • Basic KLV, Packet Format and MISB data – its structure, features, format and best methods for encoding and decoding
  • Time stamping
  • Selection of appropriate recorders & CODECS when attempting to route the SDI (or encoded version of it) into a network of some type
  • ITS HD-SDI Insertion Engine

To download the ITS White Paper on Video Metadata please click this link  White Paper – Metadatas .  As a follow on from this initial White Paper ITS have released Discovering the Power of Metadata Stimulus and Response, please click this link if you wish to read further  Stimulous and Response

Instrumentation Technology Systems, specialises in the development and manufacture of instrumentation and telemetry products with emphasis on Video Insertion, Recording and Synchronisation, Time Code Generators and Displays, and Camera Control Systems.

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