Acromag NT Series now has Profinet Protocol

Acromag, a leader in industrial automation, announces the enhancement of its BusWorks® NT series remote I/O modules with the addition of Profinet protocol. This advancement integrates traditional Ethernet with an industrial application layer, tailored for the automation sector. These cutting-edge modules are now compatible with three key field protocols: Profinet, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus TCP/IP.  Therefore, marking a significant step in remote monitoring and control technology.

These modules, certified by the PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation for Profinet standards, guarantee interoperability across different vendors and systems.

The NTE Ethernet I/O models feature dual RJ45 ports, a webserver for convenient monitoring or controlling I/O channels, and field-configurable communication protocols. Each module can manage up to 16 diverse input or output signals, such as voltage, current, temperature, TTL, and relay control signals.

With an innovative design, the modules facilitate up to 64 channels on a single IP address by connecting three NTX expansion I/O modules via an integrated DIN rail bus. They also distribute power efficiently along the DIN rail bus to these expansion modules. Their rugged build ensures reliable operation in harsh environments, withstanding extreme temperatures and high noise levels.

Robert Greenfield, Acromag’s Business Development Manager, emphasises the Ethernet IO with Profinet Protocol and the user-configurable nature of these modules.  Therefore, allowing for seamless integration in multi-protocol control systems. The NT2000 Series presents a wide array of I/O signal processing options.  For example analog I/O models, discrete I/O models, and temperature monitoring modules. These modules are adaptable for various applications, such as factory automation, process instrumentation, and HVAC/energy management.

Each module supports all three industrial Ethernet protocols, configurable via any web browser. Besides functioning as a network server, these modules feature Acromag’s i2o® peer to peer technology.  Therefore, allowing for efficient data transfer and conditional logic capabilities for sophisticated control operations.

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