Boosting Food Production with Data Insights

Boost Food Quality and Consistency with Data Insights created by Data Acquisition Systems

Our friends at Dewesoft recently released a blog titled “Data Acquisition and Automation of an Ice Cream Production Line”.  Which is about boosting food production with Data Insights.  Firstly, the project is aimed at improving and automating the chocolate spraying process in an ice cream cone production line.  In addition, the customer is a well-known international ice cream manufacturer. The project was undertaken by Dewesoft.  Achieved by using an off-the-shelf solution involving infrared cameras and data analysis software.  This ensured the consistent quality in the production process.

Key aspects of the project for boosting food production with data insights include:

  • Client Background: An international ice cream manufacturer operating in over 20 countries, known for a wide variety of ice cream products.
  • Automation Process: The automation involved steps like mixing, freezing, moulding, shaping, spraying, quality control, and packaging. With a focus on automating the ice cream cone production to ensure consistent quality.
  • Objective: To improve the quality of the chocolate spraying process, making it more efficient and reducing waste. The goal was not to reduce costs by laying off operators but to free them for higher-value tasks.
  • Data Acquisition: Using an infrared (IR) thermal camera (Optris XI 400) connected to a laptop with DewesoftX software. Data collected with minimal intrusion to the production line.
  • Analysis and Results: The project identified parameters for standard operation. As well as thresholds for conforming vs. non-conforming products based on the chocolate spray quality. In addition, statistical analyses of the thermal camera data helped in distinguishing between compliant and non-compliant units. Therefore, enhancing the production line’s efficiency.
  • Integration with Production Line Automation: The solution involved deploying multiple thermal cameras, digital input and output signals for timing and automation purposes. Therefore, enabling the swift removal of non-compliant products, and implementing predictive maintenance actions.

The project successfully demonstrated how the integration of advanced sensors, software, and robotics can lead to significant improvements in manufacturing processes.  Therefore, aligning with the principles of Industry 4.0.  Resulting in enhanced efficiency, predictive maintenance, and process optimisation.

Finally, for a detailed explanation with comparison images, click here to read the original blog or contact us for further assistance on the Dewesoft Product range.