Crystal Group’s – Defence Deployment Brochures

Crystal Group has released a range of Current Defence Deployment Brochures.  These brochures are broken into different Military and Government branches.  Each highlighting the Crystal Group’s expertise in rugged, fail safe computer architecture that withstands harsh conditions and the current Deployment Projects where they are currently being used.

Therefore, current Defence Deployment Brochures are available in the following categories:

US Navy Defence Deployment Brochures NASA/FAA Defence Deployment Brochures

International Defence Deployment Brochures US Army Defence Deployment Brochures

US Airforce Defence Deployment Brochures

Crystal Group designs and manufactures commercial off the shelf and customised rugged hardware.  As a result, they provide system integration, configuration management, product lifestyle planning and complete technical support.

Combat proven rugged computing devices from the Crystal Group include industry leading servers, displays and networking products, embedded computers and data storage backed with a 5 year warranty.  They are certified to ISO9001:2008 and ASC9100C:2009, and their products meet or exceed Military & Industrial Standards.

Metromatics are proud to the be their exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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