Dewesoft X3 SP8 Software Released

Dewesoft X3 SP8 Software Release

The Dewesoft team is pleased to announce the release of the new Dewesoft X3 SP8 Software.

The main benefactors of this release are all automotive users.  Two of the new modules are tied directly to this application field. Dewesoft is now able to analyse brake noise and squeals, as well as read data from the GeneSys® ADMA 3.0 measurement system. On the DSA side, the kinematic cursors editor makes cursor management a lot simpler and more intuitive than before.

Brake Noise Testing (Squeal)

The Brake Noise plugin is used for detecting and tracking noise caused by mechanical vibration in various braking systems using an algorithm based on the VDA 303 guideline.

Firstly, the detection of brake noise is based on the comparison of sound and the mechanical vibration amplitude spectrum. The only inputs needed to detect brake noise events are sound and vibration measurements. Secondly, the amplitude spectrum calculation with a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm is completely integrated into the plugin. During the measurement, the plugin can detect and track multiple brake noise events in multiple sound-vibration detection pairs simultaneously, while statistical parameters of the noise event, or of any scalar Dewesoft channel, can be calculated during an actual brake noise event.

Brake Noise is flexible regarding different hardware configurations. With an automatic pairing of defined sound and vibration inputs in detection pairs, the configuration workload is significantly reduced for large measurement setups. The number of brake systems measured and analysed is only limited by the available computer resources.

As with Dewesoft’s math modules, Brake Noise can also be used in analysis mode to recalculate the data and correct initial setup mistakes.

Additional information about brake noise and squeal analysis can be found in Dewesoft’s manual and Brake Noise Testing application page.

ADMA Ethernet

The ADMA Ethernet plugin enables Dewesoft to acquire data from the GeneSys® ADMA 3.0 measurement system.

“The ADMA (Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyser) is a strap-down inertial measurement system equipped with robust gyros and accelerometers and adapted specially for automotive measurements. To maintain system performance even during complicated test maneuvers, a DGNSS has been integrated.”

The plugin enables the device to operate either as a clock master within Dewesoft.  Or to be software synchronised with other devices. The advanced graphical interface setup allows monitoring of the device’s calibration process.  This is driven by Kalman filter channels that indicate measurement readiness.

The plugin supports multiple ADMA 3.0 devices that can be used in combination with all standard DEWESoft plugin channel setup features.

A more detailed description of the ADMA Ethernet plugin is available in the Dewesoft’s manual.

Kinematic Cursors Editor

Finally, the Kinematic Cursors Editor is Dewesoft’s new tool for creating custom cursors. It is an expansion and a generalisation of the Bearing Cursors previously available inside the Envelope Detection Module. It allows importing bearings from an existing database or defining completely new ones. Cursors can be modified according to your needs and wishes.  As the editor allows very simple adding, removing, or renaming of cursor components, as well as changing their values. The created cursors can then be added to the 2D graph to support analysis of the signal.

Please consult Dewesoft’s manual for additional information on the kinematic cursors editor.

For more information on the Dewesoft X3 SP8 Software Release, contact us.