App Note: Frankenstein Bolt Fastening Measurement

bolt fastening measurement

This Spooky Bolt Fastening Measurement application note has been provided by our friends FUTEK.

Application Summary:

Ensuring that the monster’s head stays in place, our good friend Dr. Frankenstein uses FUTEK’s LTH Donut/Thru Hole Load Cells to measure the tightening forces applied to his bolts.

Products Used for Bolt Fastening Measurement Application:

Donut/Thru Hole Load Cell (LTH Series) paired with a TRS series Rotary Torque Sensor and Instrumentation (USB Solutions).

How it Works:
  1. It would be “off with his head” if Dr. Frankenstein were to let his monster’s bolts loosen.
  2. Not wanting to overshadow the infamous tale of the headless horseman, Dr. Frankenstein used FUTEK’s Rotary Torque Sensor to ensure that the torque he applied as he tightened the bolts would withstand the ravages of time.
  3. Yet, Frankenstein didn’t want to over torque the bolts as well. Thus, he incorporated the use for FUTEK’s Donut/Thru-Hole Load Cell to fine-tune this procedure.
  4. His precise measurements for both torque and force were streamed via the blood red USB520 device and the onyx USB220 to be displayed onto his 21st Century Turing Machine.

All Futek applications illustrations are purely conceptual, please contact us for further information.

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