G Force Accelerometer for Max & Avg Measurements

G Force Accelerometer

Monnit‘ s ALTA® G Force Accelerometer Max/Avg. Sensor (ALTA GMA) features a groundbreaking ability to deliver real-time G-force alerts with details that aid analysis. Also it is now available. Plus ready to help you with your security, machine health, or manufacturing needs.

Because of battery constraints, real-time response has been a goal that was just out of reach. The ALTA GMA overcomes this obstacle with clever engineering, giving you the best of both worlds: outstanding battery life, and true real-time response.

Imagine getting more than an alert that a fence is moving—the real-time data enables you to determine whether it is swaying with the wind, vibrating as someone climbs it, or falling as something levels it.

The ALTA G-Force Max/Avg. Sensor (ALTA GMA) is a turnkey solution that uses an accelerometer to determine which axis the force is on, as well as the maximum/average movement force.

Diverse Applications
The ALTA GMA provides detailed tracking for a wide range of industrial applications. Monitoring for unauthorised access, physical barrier integrity, unusual motor shake, wind turbine abnormalities and, assembly line irregularities are just some of the application possibilities for this broad-spectrum vibration meter.

Advanced Features

  • Instant G-force detection alerts with details for quickly assessing a situation
  • Three resolution modes: 2G, 4G, 8G
  • Four data rates: 6Hz, 12Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz
  • A high pass filter is available in all resolution modes and data rates (to remove gravity)
  • Provides the following for 3 axes (X, Y, and Z):
  • Raw, full-spectrum G-force maximum
  • Raw, full-spectrum G-force average
  • Magnitude maximum
  • Magnitude average
  • Sensor orientation status for excellent real-time awareness
  • The ALTA G-Force Max/Avg. Sensor is available in both AA and Industrial configurations

Finally, ALTA sensors offer 3 to 4 times the range of standard sensor platforms, extending non-line-of-sight reach to an exceptional 364+ metres through walls (12-14 walls typical). Using Frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) also allows ALTA sensors to have better interference immunity from other wireless devices.

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