HMI for PLC Interoperability

Looking to enhance your data visualisation, in your factory automation settings? But need your HMI to seamlessly integrate with your existing PLC System?

The ADLINK PanKonix® Series HMI Panel PC stands out in the realm of industrial automation.  Why?  That is due to its seamless integration with PLC systems.  Achieved by offering a sophisticated solution for control, gateway, and display functions. As well as being engineered for easy data exchange and efficient operability.  In addition, it supports vital protocols.  Such as OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus, CANopen, and Restful API, facilitating smooth IT and OT connectivity.

Secondly, it features customisable visualisation with vector graphics and over 100 included graphics.  As well as a glove-supported 10-point PCAP touchscreen.  In addition, a high-resolution that is IP-65 certified.  Available in displays up to 21.5 inches. The series is powered by Intel® Core™ and Atom™ processors and offers options for open frame and true flat displays for various applications.

Therefore, making it an ideal choice for enhancing factory automation and data visualisation.

Case Studies in where the HMI for PLC Interoperability has been successful include:

In the case study on Gas Leakage Monitoring Facilities for LNG Safety, it’s highlighted that as natural gas becomes a more common choice over coal and nuclear power for global electricity generation, maintaining gas quality and safety is crucial. Real-time PLC HMI-based monitoring systems play a vital role in detecting leaks and mitigating risks during the refining process, ensuring safety in LNG refineries.

The case study on Water Quality Data Visualisation underscores the importance of enhancing monitoring efficiency in water supply and wastewater treatment industries. It highlights the necessity of tracking chemical parameters, real-time data, and alerts for anomalies, alongside pump monitoring and water level control, through a user-friendly system to ensure a stable water supply.

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