Huntron Software, the power behind Huntron Instruments

Huntron Workstation Software

Huntron Workstation Software is the power behind Huntron instruments; Workstation with Tracker 3200S and Access 2 Prober!

 The Huntron Workstation software is the power behind the industry standard Huntron Trackers and Access Probers. The design is straightforward and easy to use yet robust and flexible enough to meet the most demanding test needs. Huntron Workstation’s goal is to provide a model driven platform that allows the customer to organise their test procedure, execute tests in a repeatable process and interpret the results quickly.

The procedures are comparison based.  Good vs Bad and presented in easy to read format.

Huntron Workstation Highlights.

  • Supports Tracker 3200S,  Tracker 2800/2800S, Huntron ProTrack(USB only)
  • Automate the Capture and Storage of Test Instrument Measurements
    • Huntron Workstation software is now extended to the automation of bench-top digital multimeter (DMM) and oscilloscope measurements
    • Capture measurements, compare to either a stored measurement or against a defined value and view the results of your test
    • Current supported instruments: B&K Precision 2841 DC Resistance Meter (milliohm 4 wire measurements), Agilent/Key-sight 34461A DMM, Agilent/Key-sight 34410A DMM, Tektronix 4050 DMM, Agilent DSO1022A oscilloscope, Key-sight DSOX2022A oscilloscope, Key-sight N9935A spectrum analyser (used with Access RF)
    • DMM and oscilloscope measurement functions: DC/AC voltage, waveform capture, resistance, capacitance and frequency are supported
  • Access DH 250 mil and 39 mil probe-to-probe spacing enabled
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible
  • Supports conversion of all 3.X and 4.x databases including HBK files
  • Built-in Utility for updating Tracker Model 30, Tracker 2800/2800S and Tracker 3200S firmware

About Huntron

Huntron was founded in 1976 and is a supplier of tools for engineers and technicians who test, diagnose and troubleshoot printed circuit board assemblies.

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