Liquid Fertilizer Sensor

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Liquid Fertilizer Sensor

Looking for a reliable remote inventory management system that measures liquid fertilizer levels in your tanks or silos?  One that can give you real-time information when your liquid fertilizer is being pumped or there is a level change.

Or do you need to monitor and GPS track your tanker trucks as they distribute the contents to your customers?

Find out how this Liquid Fertilizer Sensor with LevelCon Wireless Remote Level Monitoring can help you easily measure and monitor Liquid Fertiliser levels.

Liquid Fertilizer Sensor System for Silos

The LevelCon Level Monitoring System provides remote monitoring and real-time reporting of events and issues associated with your liquid fertilizer tanks. These systems are easy to install and provide text/e-mail alerts when levels are compromised.  This Fertiliser Monitoring System can also be GPS tracked if carrying assets.   Finally, this platform is also suitable for small farms to larger establishments.

The StarPin – A Solar Powered Remote Monitor

The LevelCon StarPin is a solar powered remote monitor.  As a result, this device is perfect for low frequency tank level data reporting.  It is also compatible with a wide array of industry standard Liquid Fertilizer Sensors (including wireless Mesh Network).  Link to the LevelCon Portal and reports and information instantly become available.  Set limits and alarms to be alerted when levels become low or other potential problems occur.

StarPin Remote Monitor Specifications

 StarPin Remote Monitor
CAT-M1-LTE/NB-IoT Module + Multi Carrier SIMYes – Telstra and other carriers
Global CompatibilityYes – Option
Satelllite Optional Globalstar FallbackNo
1 Analog InputYes
1 Digital Grounding InputYes – alarm capable
Intrinsically SafeClass 1 Div 1 Group D Certified
Multi Sensor RS485/UART Modbus, I2CYes
GPS enabled for Mobile Asset TrackingYes
Mesh Network low energyYes
Integrated temperature & barometric pressure sensorYes
24/7 access to data on LevelCon Cloud or local SCADAYes
Runs off Solar Power with super capacitor power sytemYes with optional USB power connection

A Dynamic Duo – The StarPin & The Wireless PCR Radar

Radar sensors are ideal for measuring the levels of liquids and solids.  As a result they make great Liquid Fertilizer Sensors.  In fact, these sensors are regularly used in chemical plants that treat wastewater or premix concrete.

What is a PCR Radar?

The PCR acronym means pulsed coherent radar.

How does it work?

The PCR technology keeps the radio turned off between transmissions.  Transmissions are sent in bursts of pulses.  Therefore, making the inventory levels of the liquid fertilizer highly accurate.  Whilst, consuming little power.

Radar uses time of flight to make a measurement.  Once it installed at the top of the tank or silo, it produces radio microwaves from the antenna system to the measured liquid fertilizer surface below.  This signal is reflected back to the antenna.  Therefore, the amount of time between the emission and reception is proportional to the distance to the product surface.  So, longer the time, the greater the distance.  Ultimately, meaning the lower the level in the tank.

How do I install this Liquid Fertilizer Monitoring System?

1:  Install the StarPin anywhere on the tank via single integrated Neodymium magnetic base

2:  Install the Liquid Fertilizer Sensor into a 1.5” NPT port on the top of the tank and connect the weatherproof Chogori connector to the device

3: Use the LevelCon BLE Connect App to force a report

This Liquid Fertilizer Sensor is easy to set up and requires little to no maintenance.

PCR Radar Features

  • ABS PVC, PTFE Body
  • NPT Process Connection
  • Mesh Network Connectivity
  • 5 Year Battery expectancy
  • Dual gasket housing seal
  • Easy calibration 0 – full scale
 PCR Radar
Sensing TechnologyPulsed Coherent Radar
Operating Signal60 GHz
Current Consumption<0.05mW @ 0.1Hz
Operating Temperature-40 to +85°C
Output SignalsMesh Network
Programmable UnitsmmH2O
HousingABS, PVC
BatteryCR2477; 3v, 1000mAh
Tank Connection‘1.5” NPT

LevelCon Web Portal Access

LevelCon’s Web portal delivers all your asset data on one, easy to access platform.  It has a range of developed features that will enhance your data experience.  It is easily customised to your own individual style.

LevelCon’s platform is easily accessed by any network connected devices and auto formats to your hardware.  You can use the PC website or the Android/Apple App.  Data is always secure and available at your fingertips.

Other Key features include:

  • Free API Services – Json API services allow for quick and seamless data integration
  • Highly Customisable – create your own dashboard with the reports you want to see
  • Reports & Trends – Set daily e-mail reports and look back on trends up to 3 years prior
  • Critical Warnings + Alerts – Create unlimited email, text and voice alerts for level changes and notifications
  • GPS Map Interface – View all your assets on a single dashboard via Google Map or CVS form.


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