Minimise Error Thermocouple to Transmitter Connections
  • Are you looking for ways in weeding out potential sources of error in a thermocouple to transmitter connections measurement system?
  • Do you need help in properly selecting and applying the components commonly used to connect thermocouples to instruments?
  • Keen for an understanding on the three basic laws of thermocouples?


Whitepaper: Minimising Measurement Error when making Thermocouple to Transmitter Connections.


Look no further!  Our friends at Acromag have released a new white paper.  It reviews the best practices to use when making thermocouple connections to minimise potential measurement errors in your application.


Topics Discussed include
  • The Background of Thermocouples
  • Building a Thermocouple
  • Three Fundamental Principles of Thermocouples
  • The Cold Junction and Cold Junction Compensation
  • Connection Materials
  • Thermocouple Extension Wire and Cable
  • Thermocouple Sensor Wiring and Wire Routing
  • A Review of Best Practices When Making Thermocouple Connections
  • Important Principles to Keep in Mind


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