New Feature of HD SDI Video Inserters

GUIs on HD Video Inserter

After listening to their customers, ITS America have updated their GUIs for their range of HD-SDI Line of Video Inserters and Recorders.  There were concerns that each time you set up a HD product the IP address had to be re-entered.   New functionality has been added to the GUI to correct this issue.

All of ITS’s HD products have a function built into them called client discovery.  That function allows their equipment to respond to a special UDP broadcast message which can be sent from a host PC on the network with its MAC, IP address, subnet mask, gateway and port number.  Each unit responds to this request.  ITS’s Client Discovery function compiles this into a list of equipment.  This list can be used on a GUI to build a dropdown menu and used to connect to an ITS device of choice; with one click.  Using this capability eliminates the need to type in IP/port addresses then click connect.

ITS have integrated in to the GUIs for the 6980G-HD/6041G-HD, 6055C-nGHD and 6520 Fusion VRI and built in Client Discovery Function.  This function can access a list (sites file) that can be created within the GUI and managed (it is a CSV format) by Excel or a text editor.

To learn more about how this works, see that attached application note. PA Client Discovery

This upgrade to these GUIs is free to existing customers upon request.

For more information, contact us.

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