New Rugged DC DC Converters

DC DC Converters

 New NTDC Series 2000-3000 Watt  Rugged DC DC Converters.

 This new series is ideally suited for High Power applications where reliable DC Power is a must.

Technology Dynamics Inc. NTDC Series of high Power Rugged DC DC Converters: provides highly regulated DC Output Power from 2000-3000 Watts. Rugged Construction and Superior Quality.  Makes these DC DC Converters ideal for Bulk Power DC applications in the Industrial, Medical, Military and Electric vehicle Markets.

A full range of DC DC Converter solutions are on offer for DC power requirements.  Including fully customised units. The NTDC series boasts a wide input range of 19-72 VDC and 72-144 VDC.  Also with available outputs of 12V, 24V, 28V, & 48 VDC. Features include high efficiency, tightly regulated outputs and OV, OC & OT protections.

The NTDC Series is the DC-DC Converter of choice for Commercial, Industrial & Military applications including RF & Microwave Amplifiers, Mass Transit, Utility, Communications and Ground Mobile Military applications.

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