1-2 Ch MIL-STD-1553 Bus Card MPCIE2-1553

The Alta Data MPCIE-1553 Bus Card, is the pinnacle of MIL-STD-1553 integration!

Offering up to two independent channels, this state-of-the-art card is powered by a 32-bit FPGA protocol engine technology and seamlessly integrates with AltaAPI multi-layered software.

Whether you’re aiming for advanced BC Control operations, flexible message framing, or efficient cable troubleshooting, the MPCIE-1553 bus analyzer stands unparalleled in versatility and user-friendliness.

Check out the next generation of bus card technology and ensure your systems are equipped with the best in the market. Choose MPCIE-1553, where innovation meets performance.

1-2 Ch MIL-STD-1553 Bus Card MPCIE2-1553 Overview

The Alta Data MPCIE-1553 is a 1-2 Ch MIL-STD-1553 Bus Card and is often referred to as 1553 bus analyzer. It’s built with cutting-edge features that make this bus monitor both versatile and user-friendly.

Key Technologies:

  • Core Technology: Uses 32-bit FPGA protocol engine technology, known as AltaCore-1553.
  • Software Integration: Comes with AltaAPI multi-layered software for fast and portable integrations.



  • Flexible message framing and sub framing.
  • Advanced BC Control operations that include transmission scheduling.
  • Functions like RT, monitoring, playback, and signal generation.
  • Available in dual-function (BC/Mon or multi-rt/Monitor) and full-function (BC, mRT, and mon) configurations.
  • Playback and signal generation are exclusive to BC operations, while waveform capture is solely for monitor operations.


Special Feature:

  • The first channel is equipped with signal capture circuitry, useful for cable troubleshooting and cyber modelling.


Highlighted Features of the 1-2 Ch MIL-STD-1553 Bus Card:

  • 1-2 Independent, Dual Redundant (A/B) MIL-STD-1553 Channels.
  • Single Lane Full-Mini PCI Express Type F2.
  • Supports Commercial & Extended Temperatures.
  • Compatibility: 1553B, 1553A, 1760, Link-16, SADL.
  • 1 MByte, 32-bit High-Speed RAM per Channel.
  • Dual Function Model: BC/Mon or mRT(1-32)/Mon.
  • Full Function Model: BC/Mon and mRT(1-32)/Mon.
  • Advanced BC Framing, SubFraming, and Aperiodic functions.
  • Various test modes: Start-up, Loop-Back, User, and Periodic BIT.
  • Dual Temperature Sensors.
  • Full TX Loop-Back Verification for BC and RT.
  • Digital Signal Generator for Bi-Phase Testing.
  • Full Error Injection Capability.
  • Complete RT Protocol Validation Support.
  • Advanced AltaAPI and AltaView Analyzer GUI.
  • Check with the Factory for the latest VxWorks/RTOS.
  • Supports Avionics and RS-485 Discrete.


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