1553 Bus Coupler, Bus Kits & Accessories

1553 Bus Kits, Bus Couplers, Terminators & Cable.

Alta Data offer a range of 1553 Bus Terminators and Cable with 3-Plug connectors, 1553 Bus Couplers and 1553 Bus Kits.

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Alta Data offer a range of Bus Coupler (s), 1553 Connector (s) / Terminator (s) with Cable and 1553 Bus Kits.

Most 1553 Cards and ENET devices have optional 1553 Jack and AUX I/O DB cable assemblies. Where as Arinc Assemblies include flying lead cable assemblies.

1553 Bus Coupler (s)

Available in Single 1553 Stub, Dual 1553 Stub and Quad 1553 Bus Coupler Versions

1553 Bus Kits

1553 Bus Kit with dual stub couplers

Two different of Alta Data 1553 Bus Kits available

  • 2 x single stub couplers or 2 x dual stub couplers
  • 2 x 78 Ohm Terminators with 3 Slot Male Connectors
  • 3 x 4.5M (15ft) Lab Grade Cables with 3 Slot Male Connectors or 5 x 4.5M (15ft)

1553 Terminators and Cable with 3-Plug Connectors

M17 Cable with 3 Slot Male Connectors

0.91 Metres, 1.82 Metres, 4.572 Metres or 15.24 Metres – M17 Cable with 3-Slot Male Connectors

  • RF Dust Cap (for couplers)
  • 78 Bus Terminator

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