1U External LFP Battery Pack ANG1251XRBPLI-C1

This 1U External LFP Battery Pack features 2 batteries and is designed to operate with the Acumentrics Rugged UPS System.

Made from Lithium Iron Phosphate, this power source offers a safe, lightweight, robust energy for field Rugged UPS Systems.

The Acumentrics ANG1251XRBPLI-C1 is a 1U External LFP Battery Pack with 2 Batteries. It is designed for the Acumentrics Rugged UPS Systems.

Firstly, it is offered as an alternative power source to Lead Acid Battery Packs. Several tests such as crush, fire and bullet penetration have been conducted. Test results indicate that the Acumentrics LFP Battery packs remain intact. They demonstrate only minimal reactions to these abusive conditions.

Finally, it consists of two removable LFP Packs. Each provides 266 Wh providing 10 minutes or 20 minutes with 2 batteries extra run time for 1kW load. With hot switching for every 266 Wh battery pack or system hot switching for the whole 532Wh battery pack.

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Other features of the 1U External LFP Battery Pack ANG1251XRBPLI-C1 include:

  • System charge and discharge control circuits manage self generated heat
  • Pack design includes electrical devices that regulate current flow
  • Cell construction features minimal impact from extreme internal heat and pressure
  • Light Weight Greater Lifecycle and higher times than Lead Acid Batteries


Life Expectancy4 to 24 Times longer than lead acid depending on temperature conditions
Rack Unit1U
Chassis Size4.45 cm H x 43.18 cm W x 53.34 cm D
Weight10.88 Kg Battery Weight
Operating Temperature-20 to 60°C
StandardsMIL-STD-461-F; MIL-STD-810-G
 Battery Specifications – Hot Swappable LFP Battery Pack
Average Nominal Voltage25.6 VDC
Nominal Energy2 x 266 Wh providing 20 minutes extra run time for 1 kW load.


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