6 Channel Profibus-DP Input Modules 961PB 962PB

These modules provide an isolated Profibus-DP network interface for 6 analog input channels. The differential inputs eliminate ground loops and therefore require isolators in any applications.

The 6 input channels are available in 0 to 20mA, ±78mV to 10V DC with eight range options.

The Acromag 961PB 962PB are Analog 6 Channel Profibus-DP Input Modules. The 961PB offers current inputs whilst the 962PB offers voltage.

Firstly, due to the multi range inputs these modules accept signals from a variety of sensors and devices. They offer high resolution, low noise, and A/D converters that delivers high accuracy and reliability.

Secondly, the 961PB provides user selectable DC Current with ranges such as 0 to 1mA, 0 to 11mA, 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA and 0 to 20 amps AC with optional AC Sensor. Model 962MB provides user selectable DC Voltage with ranges such as ±78V to ±10V DC in eight range options. Network communication is provided by the Profibus-DP Industry standard with RS-485 network up to 12Mbaud. Both modules require 12 to 36V DC Power supply.

Other features of the 6 Channel Profibus-DP Input Modules 961PB 962PB include:

  • Standard Profibus-DP network communication with industry-standard ASIC (Siemens SPC3)
  • Differential inputs eliminate ground loops
  • As well as universal inputs support a variety of sensors
  • High-resolution 16-bit sigma-delta A/D converters ensure precise, high accuracy measurements
  • Compact packaging with pluggable terminals saves space and simplifies wiring
  • Wide operational temperature range permits installation in extreme environments: -25 to 70°C AC current sensor used with 961PB DC current input modules.
  • Also one sensor per channel


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