6U VPX Carrier Cards with 2 XMC Slots VPX4840

This 6U VPX Carrier Card hosts two XMC Modules.  This enables a simple and cost effective solution for incorporating a XMC module to a VPX computer system.  They provide the host processors minimal delay to the XMC modules using high speed connections on the carrier card.

Making these carriers ideal for applications in high performance Aerospace, Defence, Scientific Research and those industrial systems requiring high speed I/O expansion.  It is also available in conduction cooled or air cooled versions.

The Acromag VPX4840 are 6U VPX Carrier Cards with 2 XMC Slots. Firstly, the XMC allows rapid data throughput.  It does this by using a 16 lane PCIe Gen 3 Interface and supporting front or rear panel I/O.  Two versions offer a choice of direct PCIe connection to the VPX backplane via the data or expansion plane.

By using XMC modules with this carrier card gives an advantage of  providing advanced signal processing, communication, GPU/FPGA computing and other capabilities.  It allows developers to use functions that are currently unavailable on a VPX Platform. The carrier card supports the prXMC processor module.

Secondly, the VPX4840 supports the Jn6 differential signals and legacy I/O from Jn4.

Thirdly, software support use with Microsoft Windows, Linux and VxWorks operating systems.

Features of the 6U VPX Carrier Cards with 2 XMC Slots VPX4840 include:

  • Hosts two VITA 42.0 compliant XMC modules
  • Variants available supporting alternate XMC connectors defined in VITA 61 and VITA 88
  • Supports XMC Front I/O (air-cooled only)
  • Supports XMC Rear I/O with backplane mapping per VITA 46.9
  • Supports the Jn6 differential signals and legacy I/O from Jn4
  • PCIe Gen3 x16 interface on Data Plane (VPX4841) or Expansion Plane (VPX4842)
  • Backplane PCIe interface can be configured to be 1×16, 2×8 or 4×4 ports.
  • Available in air-cooled or conduction-cooled variants compliant with VITA 48
  • Supports the use of an XMC processor on either site


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