7705A1 Extended Low Frequency Accelerometer Sensor

The Dytran model 7705A1 is a new generation of Extended Low Frequency (ELF™) accelerometer sensors.  It combines the two technologies of piezoelectric and DC Response MEMS packaged simultaneously in a single housing.  Whilst providing the widest frequency response bandwidth in the industry, from DC (0 Hz) to 10 kHz allowing a broader range of applications using the one sensor.

The Dytran model 7705A1  Extended Low Frequency (ELF™) accelerometer sensor combines both a piezoelectric and a variable capacitance MEMS element.  Combined as a single output, it creates the widest frequency response bandwidth in the industry, from DC (0 Hz) to 10 kHz.

Unique ELF™ technology combines the most desirable features of piezoelectric sensors (excellent high frequency response) with those of variable capacitance accelerometers (true DC response).  Eliminating the need for two different technologies to cover the bandwidth of interest in an application.   The same sensor can now be used for the Slow rotation speeds in the sub-1Hz range and gear mesh frequencies up to 10 kHz.

The Dytran model 7705A1 ELF™ accelerometer sensor is ideal for flight testing, ride quality, Health & Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS), wind turbine measurements, machinery monitoring, and a wide range of structural response applications.

ELF™ accelerometer sensor model 7705A1 is offered with a 200g range and operates on 5-28 VDC power at 7-9 mA of current. Signal/power is handled via a 4-pin M4.5 x 0.35 radial connector. The lightweight titanium housing weighs just 15 grams, and is hermetically sealed for use in rugged environments, from test tracks to outer space. The ELF™ incorporates a 10-32 tapped mounting hole and a hex base.

Features Include:
  • 10 mV/g sensitivity
  • 200g range
  • 0 to 10,000 Hz frequency range
  • (±10%)
  • 4-pin M4.5 x 0.35 radial connector
  • 10-32 tapped hole
  • 15 grams
  • Titanium
  • Hermetic
  • Hybrid design
  • Dual mode technology: incorporates
  • AC and DC into one sensor

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