AC DC or Loop Powered Isolators 250T-DC 350T-DC 450T-DC

Models 250T-DC, 350T-DC and 450T-DC models convert sensor inputs to proportional process current or voltage output signals.

250T: Input Isolated from output/power

350T: Input isolated from output and power (output and power share a common)

450T: 3-Way isolation. Input, Output and Power Circuits are isolated from each other.

The Acromag 250T-DC, 350T-DC and 450T-DC are AC, DC or Loop Powered Isolators.

Firstly, these 4-20mA Isolators are accurate and provide reliable measurements in harsh industrial environments. The RFI and EMI resistance minimises the effects of environmental noise and units operate on currents as low as 9mA to reduce power consumption.

Secondly, the units operate in temperatures from -25° to 85°C and are DIN Rail Mounted for easy installation.

For more information on AC DC or Loop Powered Isolators, contact us.

250T is a Loop Powered Transmitter

350T is a DC Powered Transmitter

450T is an AC Powered Transmitter

Thirdly, the Input ranges include

DC Voltage ±100mV to ±100V DC

DC Current 0 to 20mA (10 ohm input load)

Output Ranges include

DC Current 4 to 20mA

DC Voltage 0 to 5V or 0 to 10V

Power Requirements

250T: 12 to 50V DC @ 20mA (loop-powered)

350T: DC Voltage Source (see brochure)


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