Analog Output Industry Pack Module IP220A

The IP220A drives 8 or 16 devices by producing an analog voltage signal. It contains a Double Buffered Digital Analog Converter on each channel with an 11.0uS settling time. It also contains built in calibration co-efficients and the software allows easy selection of transparent or simultaneous output modes.

The Acromag IP220A is an Analog Output Industry Pack Module with a 12 bit D/A. It produces analog voltage signals which drive up to 16 devices. However, when it is used with a carrier card that holds four IP modules, up to 64 voltage outputs can be achieved from a single card cage slot.

Firstly, each output channel has its own 12-bit D/A converter (Digital Analog Converter or DAC). It is found that individual DACs are fast. They also eliminate glitches caused by re-acquisition process of sample and holds found on multiplexed output boards. Individual channels have double buffered data latches. Updates to each output can be selected when it is written or simultaneously. Simultaneous outputs better simulate linear movements in motion processes.

Features of the Analog Output Industry Pack Module 12 bit D/A IP220A include:

  • 8 or 16 analog voltage output channels
  • Independent 12-bit D/A converters per channel with an 11.0µS settling time
  • Bipolar voltage (non-isolated) outputs: -10 to +10 volts
  • Double-buffered DACs
  • Also a High load capability (5mA output current)
  • Built-in calibration coefficients 0 to 70°C (IP220-8/16) or -40 to 85°C (IP220-8E/16E models)
  • Outputs reset to 0 volts.
  • Internally stored calibration coefficients ensure accuracy.
  • Software provides easy selection of transparent or simultaneous output modes.
  • Double-buffered DACs allow new data to be written to each channel before the simultaneous trigger updates the outputs.


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