ARINC PCI Express Interface Card PCIE1L-A429

The PCIE1L-A429 is a low profile, half height card.  Ideal for 1U/2U servers and slot limited Avionics PCI Express Systems. Channel Configurations with Software include ARINC 419/429/575/573/717.

Allowing selectable Rx/Tx channels, baud rates, bit encoding and word configurations such as Start/Sync/Stop; Parity; bits/word; and MSB/LSB).  As well as the ability to encode or decode almost any ARINC-429 physical layer signal.

The Alta Data PCIE1L-A429 is an ARINC PCI Express Interface card with 1 lane.  Firstly, this product comes with the feature rich AltaAPI which is the support software. It is a multi-layer ANSIC and Windows. NET 2.0 architecture.  This hardware and software combination increases system performance, offers flexibility whilst reducing integration time.

Secondly, the PCIE1L-A429 is based on AltaCore™.  An advanced 32-bit FPGA Protocol Engine technology giving you the ability to encode and decode almost any ARINC-429 physical level signal.  Therefore, providing advanced test functions of signal generation and A/D signal capture.

The Transmit Tx capability in the product includes simple and complete frequency controls for each channel.  Also including playback and signal generator operations.  Whereas, the Dual Receive (RX) functions include simultaneous channel level buffering and multi channel level buffering.

Features of ARINC PCI Express Interface Card PCIE1L-A429 include:

  • 4-8 ARINC Channels with up to 4 shared RX/TX & 4 RX Channels
  • **Signal capture on two RX Channels standard
  • Extended Temperature Models available
  • Up to 4 ARINC 717 RX and TX Channels
  • 1 Mb, 32 RAM
  • Shared Avionics Trigger, RS-485 and IRIG-B PAM Input
  • Simultaneous Channel level and Multi Channel RX
  • Full TX Frequency Control and Buffering per Channels
  • Programmable Bit Rate (512-200K), Bit Encoding, Bits
  • Per Word, Start/Stop, and Parity
  • Encode/Decode almost any ARINC-429 PHY Signal
  • Start up, Loop Back, User and periodic BIT
  • Dual Temperature Sensors ½ Size PCI Card
  • Digital Signal Generator – Fully Test Bit Encoding
  • Advanced AltaAPI and AltaView Analyser GUI
  • Contact us for latest VxWorks/RTOS
  • Complete 32 & 64 bit Windows and Linux Support
  • PCI Express 1.1 Compliant
  • NOTE: On shared channels: TX lines have an extra RX load; when powered off, RX Channels can have severe voltage drain.  Use only dedicated RX channels for critical systems.



Alta Data is committed to provide each customer with a risk free integration and will assist with Metromatics to provide help with any level of your system development project.


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