Automatic Charge Over Switch

The Automatic changeover switch (ACOS)  automatically switches between ‘Normal’ loads and ‘Alternative’ supplies.  Manual selection of either power source can also be accessed through override facilities.  This unit has been built to last enclosed in a rack-mountable steel case that can withstand ship motion.  As a result, it’s perfect for rugged marine applications.

The Automatic changeover switch (ACOS) allows for the automatic switch between a ‘Normal’ load and an ‘Alternative’ supply.  A manual selection of either power source can also be accessed through its override facilities.  To top things off, this unit has been built to last.  For example, it can withstand ship motion from both sea action or deliberate ship manoeuvres.  Furthermore, this unit has been built into an automatic steel enclosure making it suitable for bulkhead mounting as a result.

Furthermore, onsite, maintenance and repairs can easily completed from a hinged door located at the front of the unit.  This door comes with six indicating LEDs and a four position selector switch. All switching operations also include a dwell time when both contactors are open.  As a result, incoming supplies cannot be paralleled under any operating condition.  In addition to this, dwell times can also be pre-set between 100ms and 20s.

Automatic vs. Manual Modes

When in Auto mode, the ACOS is biased to the normal supply.  As a result, it transfers to the alternate supply if the normal supply is out of limits. Once the normal supply is back within limits, the ACOS transfers back to the normal Supply. Alternatively in manual override, contactor coils are disconnect from the control PCB.  A selected coil is then connected directly to the incoming supply through the mode selector switch.

Features of the Automatic Charge Over Switch include:

  • Enclosure made of mild steel.  Folded and welded for strength. Bulkhead mounted.
  • ACOS32A & ACOS32B – Dimensions (O/A)(hxwxd) mm 410 x 300 x 250, fixings (mm) 4 holes 11.0mm dia, centres(wxd) 390 x 260 Weight 17kg
  • ACOS115A & ACOS150A – Dimensions (O/A)(hxwxd) mm 510 x 400 x 290, fixings (mm) 4 holes 11.0mm dia, centres(wxd) 490 x 360 Weight 29kg
  • Ingress Protection Rating IP44
  • Naturally cooled
  • Low fire hazard cross linked polyolefin RADOX 125
  • M10 external earth studs are provided
  • Withstands shock levels of up to 15g
  • Meets vibration requirements of DGS 350. (5 to 33Hz +/- 0.125mm)

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