Carry On Portable Power System 300W

Field Workers, Soldiers, Emergency Medical Care Teams and Disaster Aid Workers are often deployed to areas where no immediate power source is available. Therefore, making it difficult to operate computers, communications and other electronic devices, which are critical for saving lives or protecting Defence Troops.

The Carry-on Power Case™ provides 300W of continuous portable power and provides up to 2 hours of autonomous run time with an 80W load.

The Acumentrics Carry-On Power System 300W (COB300) is a Portable Power System.

Firstly, it is a fully integrated battery powered system within a carrying case with retractable handle and wheels. It provides two hours of autonomous power immediately to allow power to computers, communications and other electronic devices.

It is ideal for operators who are sent out into environments where there is no infrastructure: Such as Soldiers, Emergency Medical Staff and First Responders in Disaster events. Secondly, the Carry-On Power Case™ System can be configured to meet your exact Portable Power Application.  For more information, contact us.

Features of this Portable Power System include:

  • Up to 300W continuous power
  • Configurable Large Electronics Bay for End User Equipment
  • AC & DC Input / Output allows operation from virtually any external source
  • IP67 Case that is designed to meet MIL-STDs and is Water Resistant and Dust Proof
  • As well as easy to use with user accessible interface with batteries SOC display
  • 2 Hours of Autonomous Run Time with an 80W Load
  • Optional External Hot Swappable MIL Batteries (BB2590/BB3590)
  • FAA Compliant and can be carried on Passenger Plane in the overhead compartment
  • Weighs 17kg including case and batteries


Finally, Metromatics proudly distribute the Acumentrics product line in Australia and New Zealand.


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Carry On Power Portable Power System 300W