COM Express Type 6 Development System ACEX-4600-DLS

The ACEX-4600-DLS is an engineering development board which provides easier testing and development to streamline your COM Express System for fast field deployment.

It consists of an ACEX-4610-LF or ACEX-4620-LF COM Express Carrier Board mounted to a metal base plate.

The Acromag ACEX-4600-DLS is a COM Express Type 6 Development System.

Firstly, to ensure proper air circulation on the development board, two fans are mounted to the baseplate. This forces air across the one/two XMC / PMC Sites. Access to all signals is provide by the carrier card’s Samtec® SEARAY™ high density connectors. This is fed through the breakout board connectors.

Secondly, the breakout board provides all standard peripheral I/O from the CPU, I/O expansion modules and allows two SSD devices for program storage. Plus, there are two power supply connections to allow for the choice of the included 24V DC (160W) brick type power supply or your own external power adaptor.

Features of the COM Express Type 6 Development System ACEX-4600-DLS include:

  • Power Connection (x2)
  • Video Port 1 – 3 HDMI and Display Ports
  • VGA Port
  • Audio Port
  • SATA Port (x2) For user-installed SSD/hard drive
  • 1Gb LAN Ports (x2) RJ45
  • USB 3.0 Ports (x4)
  • Serial Ports (x2) – 9-Pin, D-sub, male connector
  • PMC Rear I/O Site 1 & 2 – 68-Pin, SCSI-3
  • XMC Rear I/O Site 1 & 2 – 0.50mm High-speed Q Series, Samtec QTH Series, 20/pairs
  • PCIe x16 4-lane port
  • Fan Power (x3)
  • ACEX-4600 Carrier Connection(s)


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