Current Source Power Unit 4114B1

Model 4114B1 is a line operated constant current power unit designed to power IEPE sensors and inline charge amplifiers.

The Dytran 4114B1 is a current source power unit.

Firstly, this unit provides 2 to 20mA of constant current at +24 VDC compliance voltage. It is a 4-channel unit with BNC sensor jacks and BNC output jacks. Electrical connectors are mounted at rear of unit.

Secondly, the unit contains highly regulated + 24VDC power supply coupled to adjustable constant current circuits. These circuits consist of clamped base PNP transistors with variable emitter resistor to adjust the current. The current output of these circuits user settable over the range of 2 to 20mA. Current supplied to sensors via rear panel sensor jacks. The 230VAC version is model E4114.

Features include:

  • 4 Channel unit
  • 2 to 20mA constant current
  • 24 VDC compliance voltage
  • BNC sensor and output jacks


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Current Source Power Unit 4114B1

4114B12–20 mA adjustable current, BNC jack input connectors, BNC jack output connectors


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